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It's only ink on paper, but done right, it's gorgeous

Harrisons Ltd have been providing small and large enterprises with creative graphic design and print solutions for over 15 years. In an age when we're all supposed to be digital, our clients agree, printed material gives something social and digital media can never touch. Perhaps that's the point. There's something exciting about good design and print that make us want to touch, provokes an emotion, a feeling, a value. 

Don't put up with boring business cards, flimsy folders or limp letterheads. Let's get all-creative and design fantastic stationery, gorgeous brochures, cool leaflets and standout ideas that make you different and get you noticed. If you fancy a chat, contact us for further information, sample ideas or a presentation to your Directors. Lets get some emotion and pride back in your print. 

Business cards by Harrisons

The basics

The humble business card - bread and butter for many single colour printers for 150 years. From an odd start (carte de visite), your card is your first impression, let's get going...

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Folders by Harrisons


Folders are an essential part of your presentation and marketing campaigns. Convenient and cost effective, folders are a showcase piece for your company.

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Exhibition stands and build by Harrisons

Exhibition season

Whether it's a simple collection of banner stands, a pop-up system, backlit display or a full-fat bespoke construction, we're here to help you look your best for the big event.. 

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Stationery by Harrisons


Well designed stationery is essential. Letterhead quotations, data sheets, covering letters, invoices and introductions need to be on top form. The best bit? You don't need to order thousands....

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Diecut cool stuff by Harrisons

Little touches

It's the small things that can make the biggest difference. Take something ordinary and turn it into something special. A polite notice, sales message or a small thank you works wonders.

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advertising artwork by Harrisons

Ad man

Advertising artwork can be a compromise, but it doesn't need to be. Focus on what you're saying, keep things simple, know your customer and you're half way there.

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brochures by Harrisons

Brochure building

Let's get excited about a beautiful company brochure, something that you're proud of. Let prospective clients know you're seriously good. Let's get excited about great design, amazing photographs and feel-good papers. 

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Leaflet design by Harrisons

Flying high

Call them flyers, handouts or pamphlets, they do the same job. Getting your message across is vital and the modest leaflet has been doing this for years in various guises.

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Designed by Harrisons


There really are no limits to design and print. For our last look at 'stuff we've done' have a quick glance at stickers, postcards, textured card and the even the odd website!

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