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advertising artwork by Harrisons

Advertising artwork from proof to print

Ask for colleague to stand 10 feet away, throw them a tennis ball. They'll catch it. Now throw six tennis balls at once. They wont catch any.

Don't pack your advertising artwork with too many messages. Slogans, offers, incentives, all fight for attention and your reader wont catch what you're saying. Good design will get your message across and appeal to the reader. Ask you colleague to quickly browse through today's newspaper. Put the paper in the bin, now ask them to recall as many adverts as possible. You might be surprised.

Above image: Veroli are an importer of superb Italian cycling equipment. We created a campaign rolled out in cycling magazines focusing on a single area suggesting the highest quality products. Retailing far higher than supermarket alternatives, it had to be good. Job done.

A4 advertising artwork for performance bib and vest clothing
Supplied full colour process with bleed
• Part of the Veroli and rh+ and ZeroRH campaign

advertising artwork by Harrisons

Keeping consistancy

A campaign for a monthly travel magazine sells a lifestyle of relaxation, romance and adventure co-ordinated with the changing seasons. A quirky strap line and you pause to read more.

Placed on sequential pages, every page turn reveals an alternative lifestyle.

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advertising artwork by Harrisons

Quality perceptions

Designed to invite the reader to this magnificent venue's wedding open day. Just a few words and perfect imagery does the trick.  Not all adverts are huge, this quarter page piece needed to be simple to stand out and to retain a level of quality.

Postcards also created with the same artwork for local promotion.

advertising artwork by Harrisons

No need to shout

This stunning full page artwork sells that perfect county wedding. No prices, no limited availability, no urgency. You don't need to shout to be heard.

Poster point-of-sale and a single banner stand reinforces the fairytale wedding message.