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Stationery by Harrisons

Is your stationery, stationary?

Even if you're going all digital, you'll still need company letterheads for various correspondence. For the rest of us, letterheads are a vital part of our stationery collection.

Digital printing has given all of us so much flexibility; go double sided, full colour, add variable data and juicy textured papers. Get you brand looking good with social media logos, awards, images and why not go for different sizes? Don't stand still, we're here to get you sorted.

Above image: One of our all time favourites - We commissioned an artist to sketch the venue in a rustic style with hard pencil, added this to all documents, menus, stationery on a feel good Conqueror Laid stock and printed lithographically creating a real 'country' charm for this gastro Inn.

130gsm pale cream, Conqueror Laid non-watermarked stock
Uncoated board menus for over-printing
Pale cream textured stock gives an organic feel

Printed to the face with two PMS colours
Faint watermarking to reverse of venue illustration

Betterheads from Harrisons

Full colour loco

"We've always done it like this" is not a good reason to continue. Go on, press the button on full colour, shout about your well-earned awards, add a watermark, make them square, use Hammerd stock, let's go loco!

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Nice when it all matches

A little consistancy

Isn't it nice when things match up? A good level of constancy gives a very professional perception.

Branding your letter heads, cards, envelopes and compliment slips is simple stuff yet brings your brand ID together.

Betterheads from Harrisons

A tad different

No-one said you must have your logo at the top of the page, why not further down? Why not a band right over the page? Why not have the address at the top?

Going overboard has never been so easy and never so essential.