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DIe cutting examples by Harrisons

Little things make big impressions

We all appreciate attention to detail; a tin of sweets left in your car after a service, a thank you card from a supplier or perhaps a small gift just for fun. Little touches mean a lot.

They're also here for a reason. These quirky messages are a foot in the door to additional sales, people remember them and therefore remember you. That card is still on their desk, that tag is still hanging from their in-tray and that fun notice is stuck on their fridge at home. Quirky can pay dividends.

Above image: You've arrived at Seaham Hall Hotel and Serenity Spa, straight to your room to unpack and relax. On your pillow, an invitation to sample tempting Elemis bathing products. Tomorrow, you'll be in the spa buying them to enjoy at home.

• 300gsm Silk coated stock
• Printed in 2 spot colours to the face only
• Die cut to various bespoke shapes
• Satin sealer

Postcard examples by Harrisons

A little thank you

Isn't it nice when you're thanked? This postcard has the team that worked on your order.

Printed on card, gloss laminated and with the names of everyone, this is a perfect keepsake that will be in the office for a long time.

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Greeting card examples by Harrisons

Personally yours

It's the morning of your anniversary, a card arrives in the post with personal congratulations.

A reminder of that stunning venue where you were married, let's return for a special evening meal or weekend stay?

Examples by Harrisons

Ho, ho, ho...

Unfortunately, Santa Claus doesn't get to all households until Christmas Eve.

Best get in there first with ideas for festive gifts, seasonal family dining, special festive breaks and pre-party spa pampering.