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Our basic terms of business

The following basic terms of trading is not a comprehensive list of the company's policies or conditions, but is a plain-speaking trade guide between the Client and Harrsions Ltd. 

All material, either printed or electronic, remains the property of Harrisons Ltd until paid for in full. This includes, but is not limited to, websites, printed material, advertising artwork, proofs, web hosting and purchases made on behalf of the Client such as library images.

All artwork, design suggestions and proofs cannot be duplicated, copied or circulated to a third-party without written permission from Harrisons Ltd. During the design stage, should the Client feel their requirements cannot be met by Harrsions Ltd, all artwork, proofs and material supplied must be returned and cannot be used by a third-party. The copyright of all material belongs to Harrisons Ltd.

If a project is cancelled, it is understood that electronic or hard copy illustrations are not to be used by any third-party, if so, Harrisons Ltd will decide on the applicable actions. In this case, all material supplied to the Client or Clients business must be returned and not duplicated. Depending on circumstances, Harrisons Ltd may invoice the Client for work created and expenses. Should the project be cancelled by Harrsions Ltd, we will give good reason and will not be liable for any loss.

All artwork created remains the property of Harrisons Ltd.

Should the Client require specific colours in their project it is vital that the Client offers a previously printed sample and relevant colour references. Due to the latitude and tolerances in print, colours can vary from printers and from various stock types.

Project fees are estimated and can go up as well as down based on the time and work involved, our aim is 15% - 20% tolerance. However should the project become excessively larger than the original estimate, we will advise you and adjust the project as required. 

Funded projects will commence, on the dates specified in the quotation, when the relevant paper-work and funding amounts have been approved. The project quotation will remain fixed, however, should the Client change the amount of material or design time involved, fees will be payable in addition to the agreed project amount. 

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It is the Clients responsibility to offer purchase order numbers or references if required. Artwork and Studio Time is subject to VAT at the current rate. Some material is classed as exempt by H&M Customs and Excise, this material is Zero Rated. 

Copy, accuracy of information and the use of any supplied material is the responsibility of the Client. Under no circumstances can Harrisons Ltd accept any copyright infringement on behalf of the Client. All wording, figures and descriptions must be checked and approved by the Client. Harrisons Ltd cannot be help responsible for errors after the client has approved artwork.

Payment terms

The maximum credit term available is 28 days. Full payment must be made within this duration. Payment terms for funded projected may vary, but will be subject to deposits as agreed with the Client and Harrisons Ltd. Remittance not received with this period is subject to late payment charges as defined in Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, plus an administration fee of £35 plus VAT where applicable. When decided by Harrisons Ltd, unpaid accounts will be sold to a debt collection agency. Harrisons Ltd are not liable or responsible for their collection methods.

Should the Client stop trading, dissolve their company or become insolvent or bankrupt before full payment has been made or during the design process, Harrisons Ltd will seek compensation for work, material and time involved and may pass this debt to a debt collection agency, Harrisons Ltd are not liable or responsible for their collection methods.


All deliveries are charged in addition to project fees. Charges vary depending on delivery address and weight. On occasion should an order be below approx 500 grams, we will use Royal Mail postal service, however, although this service is cheaper we cannot track goods, nor can we guarantee they will arrive on a specified date. The alternative is via Courier at standard fees.

Under no circumstances can delivery fees be refunded or credited, unless Express or Pre-12 Noon has been chosen. In this instance, should the delivery fail to reach you as agreed, we will credit the additional premium only. Please bear in mind, courier services are beyond our control and deliveries to exhibition halls, hotels, airports etc are not possible. You are welcome to collect from the printer we have chosen for your work, please make sure you are able to collect the full load as on-demand storage is not available.